Sleigh Bells – Reign Of Terror

The last half of this album really shines. Side 2. Starting with the catchy first single “Comeback Kid”. And then “Demons” which stands out right way as the awesome song. It might get tiring as these things tend to do but play it loud anyway. The guitar playing gets really interesting with “You Lost Me” and then the arpeggios scream on “Never Say Die” which is kind of the peek. The guitars build up and fall back on one another and propel the vocal towards revelation. It’s cool to hear the melodies without all the crunch, crunch of a drop-d on top.

So it does start a little slow. “True Shred Guitar” is not necessary. The first few songs sound a little same-y and make you feel like that’s it but “End Of The Line” is worth waiting for. And by then you’re practically there.

Video for “Comeback Kid”:

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