Corrosion of Conformity – Corrosion of Conformity

Yeah, I wanted to give this one a long time to digest and I am feeling full and satisfied! This might be the best COC album in terms songwriting and production. The arrangements are mature while the music has a constant edge to it, whether it be sharpened by hardcore or a number of sub-genres of metal. The bro vibe of the Pepper Keenan era is thankfully gone.

If you didn’t know, this is the classic line-up that recorded Animosity and Six Songs with Mike Singing… and don’t get me wrong — Corrosion Of Conformity is neither a groundbreaker nor a classic like they are. But at a point in the metal scene that sees bands churn out a litany of forgettable album after forgettable album, this is one you should take the time to get to know.

Woody Weatherman stands out as a fantastic guitar player here. I’ve always loved his solos on Eye For An Eye, where he always sounded on the verge of losing control but never did. He’s turned into an incredibly clean riffmaster but still remembers his roots like on the crazy solo that opens up the speedy “Leeches”.

In addition to the music there are some excellent liners notes, which include an interview with the band and a killer track-by-track commentary by the mighty Mike Dean!

And Reed Mullin is good too.

Video for “The Moneychangers”:

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