Napalm Death in Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks – 2011.10.09

This was the best live show I’ve seen since MMJ @ Bluesfest. What a fantastic time! One of my favourite metal concerts in a while. I feel very fortunate to have experienced Napalm Death in an intimate setting like that. I really liked the band dynamic on stage. They were playing some of the most intense music on earth but weren’t acting like idiot tough guys like a lot of younger bands do. The really old stuff was awesome to see played live. I think my highlight was “Scum”.

I actually hadn’t heard Napalm’s version of Nazi Punk’s in a long time so while I was excited to hear Barney announce it, I really didn’t recognize it.

Mass Appeal Madness is my favourite ND song and I was disappointed they didn’t play it but I’d already seen that it wasn’t on their setlist from previous gigs so I had no expectation that they would play it. I still shouted for it though.

Yes, despite having a cold I managed to scare up the energy for some moshing, mostly to the older stuff. “Scum” and “Suffer The Children” were my favourite moshes. The pit wasn’t as crazy as I expected and everyone was very respectful of each other. Lots of circle action.

One thing I found weird is that they kept the house lights up during the show. I guess this is for safety reasons but it made me feel kind of self conscious when I was in the pit because it felt like there was a big spotlight on me.

I still go into the pit these days but fuck am I ever gassed after a few seconds. Still feeling the neck pain too. I probably gave my self a concussion from all the head banging.

The first time I saw Napalm Death was in Montreal at the Spectrum in 1992 I think. I really wanted to buy a ND t-shirt but they couldn’t get their merch over the border. However, they offered to take my address and mail the shirt to me when they got back to England if I didn’t mind paying up front. I did and a few weeks later I got my shirt in the mail with a hand written note that said, “Thanks for trusting us!”

I’ve always been fond of these guys for that reason and Sunday night they showed the same character.

I keep a lot of junk so it’s probably floating around somewhere.

I definitely still have the t-shirt!

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