The Watch in Gatineau, QC @ La Boîte à chansons – 2011.10.17

Fantastic show Monday night! I was blown away by the time The Watch
finished with Supper’s Ready, thinking… here I am, in a western-style
roadhouse, in Gatineau Quebec, listening to a band from Italy play the
greatest song in the world. Maybe it was the beer but I felt such a glow.

I was surprised that they didn’t play Selling England By The Pound front
to back, instead mixing chunks of it into their set. I liked it better
that way though.

This is the setlist as best I can remember. In particular I can’t
recall where The Musical Box was played and I might be missing an
original or two.

(original song)
Watcher of the Skies
Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
I Know What I Like
Firth of Fifth
One Day (original song)
The Musical Box
The Battle of Epping Forest


After the Ordeal
The Cinema Show
Aisle of Plenty
Supper’s Ready (encore)


From the promoter of the show Robert:

“While I was cleaning the stage at the end of the show I took a setlist that was still on the floor. Oliver, you were very very close my friend…

Medley Sirence
I know…
Firth of Firth
one day
TMB + facebook
All the lights
cinema show + Aisle

And another correction from my friend Les:

“BTW, One Day was originally on Genesis to Revelation. The Watch starts it off faithfully before adding their own touch to it (still very much in the old Genesis vein).”

And finally, some video from the night:

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