Tyler, The Creator – Bitch Suck Dick

Here is Tyler’s horrible new video for the terrible song “Bitch Suck Dick” from his otherwise pretty good album Goblin. More “Yonkers” and less of this please.

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Giorgio Moroder presents… Peter Gabriel

Ok, so the new version of “Intruder”, one of my favourite tracks from Peter Gabriel’s best album, #3, is available for streaming here, along with “The Rhythm of the Heat” and “San Jacinto”:

Peter Gabriel Performs 1980s Classics With an Orchestra (via Rolling Stone)

These are from Peter Gabriel’s upcoming album of symphonically rearranged material New Blood.

I still don’t like this stuff, I’ll try not to harp on it. It got me on YouTube though and I found this compilation of scenes from the Friday the 13th movie series set to the Plays Live version of “Intruder”:

Finally, here’s the original studio recording which is what you should be focusing on. The drum track by Phil Collins inspired his later work on “In The Air Tonight” which was a massive hit but fuck “Intruder” is still better.

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Surprise Me Mr. Davis @ the Elmdale

I wanted to post this ages ago but the push wasn’t on. This is from August 24th and video’d by me from the front row give or take. “Roses In Bottles” by Surprise Me Mr. Davis = The Slip + Nathan Moore + Marco Benevento.

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New Fall music looks awfully old

Here is a link to Pitchfork’s guide to upcoming releases for Fall 2011. Lots of fucking re-releases I see. And Peter Gabriel’s mid-life crisis continues to spiral out of control as it grows to epic proportions. Release new music dude. Lock yourself in a studio with just yourself and an acoustic piano. Press record and play new songs for 45 minutes. Would be miles ahead of the meandering symphonic crap you’ve been wasting your time on earth with for the past two years. Up wasn’t even that good which makes it almost 20 years since you’ve done something important in music. We’re all running out of life waiting.

The Pitchfork Guide to Upcoming Releases

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American Juggalo

Everyone loves the juggalos these days and here’s the latest expression of this pop culture obsession, a mini-documentary by filmmaker Sean Dunne.

American Juggalo from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

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Loutallica – The View

How have I not posted this yet? On the surface it’s completely awful but you just know someone is going to inevitably label this genius. I can imagine the hand-wringing that must be going on at Pitchfork right now. Is this good? Is this bad? I at least like it in a “happy to live in a world where this exists” kind of way. Enjoy.

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Pearl Jam in Ottawa, ON @ SBP – 2011.09.14

I was in 104… what a show!!

How’d you like the show? I wanted Porch and Black!

I can’t believe I didn’t recognize Breath. Holy fack I’m old. The Who cover was very choice.

I enjoyed the show although I realized I’m not a big Pearl Jam fan. I only really got excited for the Ten material. A very good night out nonetheless.

I thought it was a good show too but I’m not just that big of a Pearl Jam fan I guess. The only songs I really got up for were the ones from Ten and The Who cover (which I thought was VERY choice). I don’t find their newer material that strong and I’m a little baffled by their mass popularity really.

The band was certainly entertaining though and the crowd was good so no complaints. It was about what I expected going in.

On the night I enjoyed Mudhoney more as a band but the typical lack of crowd appreciation for the opener kind of dulled the overall vibe of their set.

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Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

The new album from the band Girls was released today. It’s called Father, Son, Holy Ghost. I couldn’t find it at my local HMV so I’m streaming it from Napster over my SONOS sound system right now. So far it sounds great, but in particular track #3, “Die”. I’m hoping for a few more gems before the first spin is through. And it’s rare for me to like a song so fast. I just have a good feeling about this.

You can stream the album yourself here:

The Hype Machine

And here’s “Die” courtesy of YouTube:

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Tyler, the Creator – Goblin

Goblin is the new album from Tyler, the Creator.

Goblin is the new album from Tyler, the Creator.

This is the promo video for “Yonkers”:

Follow Tyler on Twitter here:


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